The real stars of any Iditarod team are the dogs. Meet a few of dogs that have made Seavey's Racing Team great over the years.


Gnarly (8) is a tried-and-true team dog, and has finished over 5 Iditarods. He has sensitive feet, and doesn't run a mile without booties!



Pentecost doesn't care about anything. He runs, he eats, he sleeps.... end of story. 



Tanner (8) is the oldest member of Mitch's team, and arguably the best leader that he has ever trained.



Originally born in Dallas' kennel, Mitch traded Janine's car for him one snowy winter. He may be named after a Taurus, but he runs like a Cadillac. 



Wall-E (5) is just coming in to his prime, and the most likely pick to fill Tanner's shoes (booties?) once he retires.