1.5 hour Alaska Sled Dog Ride and Kennel Tour

May 14th through September 18th

Adult: $74.00 | Child: $37

8:30 am • 10:00 am • 11:45 am • 1:45 pm • 3:30 pm • 6:30 pm (tour times vary by season)

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Your real Alaska adventure begins with a 2-mile dog sled ride. Feel the power, excitement, and energy of our amazing sled dogs as they are harnessed to our comfortable wheeled sleds.

Seward Sled Dog Ride

Mush through the Alaska wilderness to the base of Resurrection Mountain and along Box Canyon Creek. Your guide will explain how we train and steer the dogs, and tell stories from the trail.

Seavey's Racing Kennel Tour

Upon return to the kennel, tour our beautiful kennel facilities, laugh as a guest is dressed up as an Iditarod musher and cuddle adorable husky puppies. Our guides offer a delightfully humorous, behind-the-scenes look at the Seavey family’s training for the most demanding race on earth.

Guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your vacation, this tour was chosen as one of Alaska’s Top Twenty Attractions, and is a must-do for all visitors to "The Great Land."

How long is the sled dog ride and kennel tour?

Our Wilderness Dog Sled Tour is 1.5 hours long. You should arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour to check-in.

Can you pick me up from my hotel? When will you pick me up?

We can pick you up if you require a shuttle. We have a two person minimum for pick-ups and we generally pick up about half an hour before the start of your tour time.

When should I arrive for your tour?

Please plan on arriving 15-20 minutes before your scheduled tour time so that you can check in to your tour.

How far out of Seward are you located?

We are ten minutes outside of downtown Seward.

Do you offer any sort of discounts?

We offer a 10% military discount and a discount for groups with 20 or more people.

How much time do we spend with the dogs?

Our tour is focused entirely around our dogs. You will get to spend plenty of time with them throughout the tour. We even have time to play with puppies.

How long is the ride?

The ride lasts approximately 35 minutes and we travel about 2 miles.

I am coming off the Major Marine / Kenai Fjords Cruise. What tour time would be best for me?

Our tour at 8:30 finishes at 10, giving you plenty of time to get to an 11:00 boat. Our 6:30 tour is also a good option.

What is the weather usually like?

Seward is located in a temperate rain forest so we do get a fair amount of rain, but our tours are almost entirely covered so you will have minimal exposure. Still, it is always best to be prepared. We suggest dressing in layers and bringing a rain jacket if you have one.

Where do you recommend staying?

We actually have lodging available if you are interested. The Abode Well Cabins are an excellent place to stay as they are both in town yet conveniently out of it too. Located about 5 minutes from downtown Seward, they offer you the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature while still being close to Seward.

What is the average temperature?

The temperature is typically somewhere between 50 and 65 degrees.

What is a good place to eat before / after the tour?

We recommend Ray’s, Chinook’s, the Smoke House, Terry’s Fish and Chips, and The Salmon Bake. All are wonderful options and are sure to give you a good meal.

Do you have a weight limit?

No. We consider the summer as weight-lifting program for the dogs.

How many people per sled?

We have an 8 person maximum per sled.

Is there any opportunity to talk with musher and ask questions?

Yes. You’ll have plenty of time to talk with your musher guide throughout the tour.

When do you have snow until?

We typically have snow until the end of March.

Is one tour time better than another?

No. Our tour times are all based on personal preference.

What type of gear should I bring?

We recommend dressing in layers as you never know that the weather is going to do. A rain jacket is always recommended as if you bring it you probably won’t need it. We also recommend bringing a layer you don’t mind getting soiled as puppies can have accidents!

Are the sleds on wheels?

Yes. During the summer months, our tours are operated using wheeled sleds.

Is this tour safe for my: elderly parent / pregnant wife / immobile friend / etc?

Yes. This tour is safe for the elderly and for pregnant women. As long as people are capable of getting in and out of our sleds safely, they can do our tour.

Can we bring snacks for the dogs?

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